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Book Information

  • Title: Let Go, Heal, Be Happy – An In-depth Roadmap to Lifelong Emotional Mastery
  • Author: Mark Linden O’Meara
  • Publisher: Soul Care Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 0981271782
  • ISBN-13: 978-0981271781
  • No of Pages: 336
  • Trim size: 6″ x 9″
  • Includes Index and Bibliography
  • Available in Trade Paperback  ($17.95 US) and Kindle Edition ($6.99 US)
  • Publisher: Soul Care Publishing
  • Distributors: Ingram, LightningSource, Createspace
  • Discounts: Distributor 55%    Retail 40%

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Book Description:

Sometimes life can present difficulties that leave you feeling unbalanced and with unresolved emotions, or perhaps you have never fully let go of events from the past. We’ve all been told “just let it go”, yet it’s been hard for you to do that.


This book shows you how. Let Go, Heal, Be Happy helps you learn about emotions and human nature, gain insight, develop new beliefs, heal, and ultimately transform adversity into strength, resilience and a new found sense of joy.


Through tears, laughter, and self-expression you can begin to restore joy and satisfaction in your life. Written in a friendly, entertaining and caring style, Mark walks you through awareness, change, and transformation to ultimately increase your self-knowledge, self-expression, and happiness. Learn how to develop a new mastery over your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.


Let Go, Heal, Be Happy teaches you how to identify, overcome and eliminate the personal issues that have been impairing your life. Written in a friendly, entertaining and caring style, Mark walks you through awareness, change, and ultimately increasing your happiness.


Let Go, Heal, Be Happy helps you:

  • Discover a wealth of resources to live happier
  • Identify and challenge your personal issues, then work through them to healthier relationships with yourself and others
  • Use tears, laughter, and self-expression to dissolve negative emotions and let the past go
  • Have healthier relationships by stripping your unresolved issues of their power to influence you.
  • Develop your finishing ability and finally resolve incomplete business
  • Discover new levels of joy, creativity and your sense of self


Let Go, Heal, Be Happy is a step by step guide to resolving your issues and living a fulfilling, happy life now. A beautiful world awaits when you are ready to let the past go and create happiness in your life.


“Breakthrough healing is possible and this book shows you how!”
–Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul


“stimulating… sincere…  there’s something to pick and
choose and learn from for everyone.”
– Publishers Weekly


“This book is jam packed with great content….
A veritable fountain of knowledge and wisdom…


A book to read again and again!”
– Amazon Review


“In spite of life’s hardships, Mark has indeed found solutions to the frequently asked questions regarding lifes’ suffering.  Let Go Heal Be Happy is a sincere personal account of  transformation. Mark gives a clear account of the process of letting go of old pain and transitioning into a life of new beginnings. Quotes by wise spiritual leaders throughout the ages give the book substance, offering true guidance to those that choose to take this journey of deep and permanent transcendence. Hope and gentle encouragement are the message of this book. The reader finds strength to pursue the inner work through the wisdom of first hand experience that Mark shares so generously. ” Helani Davison – Author of Daughter of Chaos


LET GO, HEAL, BE HAPPY: AN IN-DEPTH ROADMAP TO LIFELONG EMOTIONAL MASTERY by Mark Linden O’Meara lives up to its ambitious promise. Those who want to possess a great resource that will help them examine all sorts of relationships will want to buy this book and refer to it as their relationships change, and new ones form. For instance, the author points to different types of parenting styles and how they can be damaging (providing all material goods without much love, etc.) Those who recognize themselves and their relationships can use this book to realize they are not alone, and that there are things they can do to understand, let go and recover. For example, the author suggests incorporating habitual exercise to improve life

The very detailed table of contents is helpful, particularly for a dense book covering a lot of topics. Readers can skip over the parts they don’t feel they need and go to those that are most urgent. I appreciate this author’s story and heart for readers. Excellent book that I believe will help many people truly heal.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.


About the Author:

Having made a commitment to himself to heal, Mark began to search for a better way of dealing with life. Through the recollection of painful childhood memories and by challenging his self-limiting beliefs, Mark let go and found happiness: he discovered ways to resolve and release emotional pain and experience a greater connection with joy and love. As an author, speaker and professor, Mark shares his lessons on emotional success and transformation. He also shares his message in print, on radio and TV news, and regularly presents at conferences and seminars. Mark warms his audiences with his personal story, anecdotes and unexpected wit. He is an insightful writer who inspires his readers through his own journey of healing and change. Mark is also the author of Prayers and Meditations for Daily Inspiration, Kitten and Bear and The Big Tree. He is also a singer and a recording artist. He lives and lectures in Vancouver, Canada.


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